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Responsive Web & Graphic Design

It’s the age of smartphones and the internet. The number of smartphones user across the world has increased subsequently. As per Wikipedia “the amount of mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of total internet traffic.” because they come in handy. It is therefore been very necessary for websites to be compatible with the smaller screen too along with computers. A set of coding is to be done to make the websites look attractive to a smaller screen as well. Responsive Websites has since been a separate topic for web design. Companies invest dollar over their websites.

Responsive Web Design
in a general sense means, the websites behavior to adjust itself to
resolutions, screen size, orientation, platforms, etc.

started with Responsive websites

CSS- Responsive
websites can be created using CSS with media queries and transitions. Media
query gives a range of resolution where a website would act as specified and
change when the resolution changes. Transitions make the websites look cleaner
and attractive. What happens is when we resize the browser window and the
resolution changes websites design shifts directly to the next design making it
look ugly. Transition adds attractiveness to it.

Design is the
Key attraction

What we all know are the looks? When a visitor comes to a website, it is all about the looks & the design that attracts and keeps the visitor to stay on the website. The design of the website needs to be creative & the ideas should be unique. The graphic designer should show his innovation on unique graphic design ideas. The design is crafted on .psd which is later on shifted to the responsive HTML format.


Motiongraphic designs ideasare similar to craft and are
designed with an intention to be experienced over a fixed time range or an
online video that clarifies some portion of a paper article. They more often
than not go past the visual, curating and promoting the sound of moving vector
designs, photos, and video. The distinction between movement designs and
videography or activity is equivalent to the contrast between two-dimensional
designs and representation. Motion illustrations join liveliness, videography,
and typography for an open reason, and this blend after some time and the space
of the screen comprises the structure.

Crafting, a type of natural designs,
alludes to marking connected all through and on structures or open-air zones
like parks or thruways. While each sign or image in crafting is a work of
structure, together the structure is the bigger framework that enables
individuals to explore while keeping up a feeling of the character of where
they are.


Frameworks are packages of HTML, CSS,
jQuery or JS combined in folders of standardized code. The framework gives you
an easy approach to make responsive websites according to your need. Out of the
many few popular frameworks are mentioned here.

  1. W3.CSS-
    w3css is a responsive style sheet. It is easy to use.

  • Foundation- Foundation is another responsive framework. It had attracted
    attention for its functionality and rapid-prototyping capabilities. It is quite
    useful for new users and is easy to learn. Foundation
    features a floated grid system

3.       Pure: it contains responsive modules. It could be an alternative to bootstrap. Pure is a very small program and has an easy to follow guide to get you started.


  • Easy to operate
  • Lesser number of
    codes to be written
  • Individual with less
    HTML, CSS knowledge can work on it


  • One framework isn’t
    enough to achieve everything. You have to jump over frameworks
  • Some code can’t be
    modified according to our needs. It can only be extended but modified.
  • In a framework, the
    program’s flow of control is done by the framework and not the user. In case
    the framework gets corrupted the whole website crashes. 


There are a number of
responsive frameworks but for a newbie, it would be smart move to know the
traditional way for responsive websites i.e. using media queries. Media queries
give you in-depth commands over your web pages. Once you have some knowledge
about that one can move to frameworks for more efficiency and control. Choosing
which framework is good for you isn’t an easy answer. You have to go through
different frameworks to know what suits you best.


Marketing is an important thing whenever it comes to selling of
products. Imagine you have a company which has just launched a new product, and
you need to sell it. To do that you need the information about the new product
to reach the people who would be interested in buying it. Marketing helps in
accomplishing that. Marketing helps the idea of your product and information
regarding it to reach the masses, and the correct audience can buy it.
Marketing creates the presence of your company within the minds of the people.

MEDIA MARKETING:Media marketing is currently the biggest and
the best form of marketing.  Media
marketing refers to the marketing that is done with the help of various media
platforms. The various media platforms include the internet platforms like
Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Tumblr, Twitter and many more. These platforms are
great in connecting millions of people altogether, therefore, every bit of
information you release onto the internet, reaches millions of people in the
shortest span of time. This is also a type of marketing that does not require
too much money. Therefore, big and small companies alike can use the vast
resources of social media to market their products with ease.

Media marketing isn’t an easy job; therefore, it is best when left it in
the hands of professionals. There are many companies all over the world who
deal with media marketing. There are a few particular services that are offered
by every media marketing company.

DEVELOPMENT OF WEBSITES:Web designing is an important aspect of media
marketing. Websites act as the gateway to your company’s profile online, so it
is extremely important to have an amazing website so that people will be drawn
more towards you and your company.

DESIGNING GRAPHICS: Graphic designing is another important factor
when it comes to media marketing. Graphic designing generally refers to
creating a company logo, or a literal identity of your company. It deals with
things like designing logo, brochures, business cards, power point
presentations, and many more.

DIGITAL MARKETING: Digital marketing is another important aspect
of media marketing. It basically deals with marketing your company and its
products on a digital platform. It deals with search engine optimization and
marketing as well. It is a way to make sure the name of your company is spread
all over the internet and if anyone is looking for it, they’d be sure to find

There are many other services offered by media marketing like content
marketing and ecommerce website, language translation and many more.

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