Difference between SEO and SEM

Wouldn’t you wish there was a doorway that could lead all the potential prospects straight to your business, life would have been so much easier for both the producer and the consumer. What if today you found out that this direct access or doorway does exist in real life. It is the search engine that you use to surf the internet, browsing through all the options that are available until you get the one that you believe suits you. The way it works is that it allows users to search the internet for content using keywords, these keywords help rate the different webpages on the search results and usually, the ones on the top are the best as they see the most consumer traffic. There are ways you could also end up on the top search results this is by taking the help of marketing processes like SEO and SEM. Good at SEM Singapore companies can be found online with a simple click on the hyperlink.

What is the difference between the two?

SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) are two processes of marketing that help achieve desired results. Search results on a search engine can be divided into two main categories, paid and organic. The top two results on most searches are paid while the ones that follow are organic.

  • The main goal of SEM is to put you at the top while SEO lands you in the organic section.
  • SEO optimizes a website and gets organic results over a period while SEM gets traffic and visibility from both paid and organic searches.
  • SEO is fully based on developing a website to receive all organic traffic while SEM taps into the benefits of both organic as well as paid searches.
  • Every prospect that funnels to your website for a keyword has to be paid for with every click on the add in the case of SEM. On the other hand, SEO is a one-time investment that gives you long term results and the expenses are comparatively less for the same amount of traffic.
  • SEO takes time to give results while the Pay per click or SEM is faster at producing results as compared to its counterpart.
  • The earliest that it can take to give results in the case of SEO is a couple of months while that is not the case with SEM as it begins right after you are done bidding for a keyword.
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